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Sunny Leone. The Ultimate Seductress:

Even before the release of her Bollywood debut ‘Jism 2’, Sunny managed to captivate the attention with her extremely luscious presence and porn star background. As per Google (India) report, she topped the list of actresses in Google search, prior to release of ‘Jism 2’. The movie was a box office success, since the budget was US$ 1.3 million whereas the box office was US$ 6.4 million (3 weeks domestic). Also the film got good response in overseas market. Not to mention that, credit went to Sunny almost entirely, as most people rushed to theater to see her skin show and sleazy scenes. However, she failed miserably while displaying her acting skills. As per review reports, be it a steamy sex sequence or a general movie scene, she emoted with only one kind of expression everywhere. Nevertheless, Sunny still enviably holds the position of temptress and till date, her pictures get maximum number of ‘Like’s + ‘Share’s + ‘Comment’s in any Facebook page regarding movies.

But, that’s not all...Temptations come and go. Glamour world is never short of attractive girls. At the end the saying of Pablo Picasso matters the most: “It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction...”.